About Colin R Brown, Spiritual Director.


Colin R Brown is a Spiritual Director who graduated from Sister Pat McCrann’s Namaste program in Portland, Oregon.

Spiritual Direction is the art of tending the holy, of listening to the movement of spirit in relationship and of serving the Holy Spirit’s interaction with each person. It is not psychotherapy. It is not counseling.

Colin is an individual who loves the adventure of the divine – and who enjoys meeting the spirit anew in each new direction of relationship.

Colin believes in the freedom of God calling to each individual to respond uniquely. Himself a Christian, he is happy to work with all structures of inner experience, and is comfortable with people of all denominations of the Christian Faith, and Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Indian Shaivism and no faith at all.

Colin is known in Portland as a Lutheran, as a third-order Franciscan, and enjoys the differences that the divine has shaped us into.

The first session is free. Following sessions are sliding scale from $5 to $60 depending on circumstance. All are one hour in length.  His method is to travel to where you are comfortable, your home or a quiet place near where you live. Evening and weekend appointments.

Call 971-219-0924

Email: colin.brown@usa.net


One Response to About Colin R Brown, Spiritual Director.

  1. Reverend Stu says:

    I’ve been here and look forward to talking with you at length. Have you been to my only web-site – http://www.theecod.org . see you later today

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